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Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics is a 4-year teacher education program (course) designed to prepare aspiring mathematics teachers in secondary level. It is offered to equip the students with adequate and relevant competencies to teach mathematics in a fun and enjoyable manner. It will also prepare aspiring teachers in mathematics to teach different branches of mathematics and enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of teaching. Upon graduation, this program helps students become more equipped with the knowledge and wisdom they need upon taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). They could be statisticians, tutors, teachers in higher education and secondary education..

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The Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science program provide a strong foundation of nature of science, matter and its properties, forces, waves, optics and magnetism which are very essential in teaching high school students. This program also teaches students in effective teaching materials and strategies.
The career opportunities for graduates of BSEd in Science are the following: Science High school Teacher, Science Laboratory Technician, Clinical Data Analyst, Academic Head of Science, Assistant Researcher and Researcher.

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The BSED English is an under graduate program that equips the learners with adequate and relevant competencies in the areas of linguistics, language education, and literature that are necessary in managing the learning and teaching of English as a second language in multilingual context. The program aims to develop highly motivated and competent students who aspires to become English Teachers specializing in content and pedagogy in secondary education.
The graduates of BSEd English can practice teaching profession in the field of English Education. They may also proceed to practice career in journalism, creative writing, publishing, and translation.

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The BSED degree program major in Filipino aims to develop highly motivated and competent teachers specializing in the content and pedagogy for secondary education. After successful completion of academic requirements for the degree/program, graduates of BSEd major in Filipino Shoul be able to practice the teaching profession in the secondary level.

Ang mga nagtapos ng pagpapakadalubhasa sa wikang Filipino ay nakakagawa ng sumusunod;

  • a. Nagpapamalas ng mataas na kaalaman sa pagtuturo ng wika at panitikang Filipino
  • b. Nagpapakita ng malawak at malalimnapag-unawa at kaalaman sa ugnayan ng wika, kultura at lipunan
  • c. Nakagagamit ng iba’tibang kasanayan at kaalaman sa pro-seso ng pagtuturo -pagkatuto
  • d. Nagtataglay ng kaalaman hinggil sa usapin ng kultura at ling-gwistikong dibersidad ng bansa
  • e. Nakapagdidisenyo ng malikhain, inobatibo, at integratibongalternatibong dulog sapagtuturo at pagkatuto
  • f. Nakagagawa ng pananaliksik ukol sa ikauunlad ng wikang Filipino bilang wikang panturo.

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The Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) is a four-year degree program that provides academic and appropriate training that prepares students to become elementary school teachers through the general education courses, professional education courses and specialization courses. The program combines both theory and practice in order to teach students the required knowledge and skills a primary school teacher needs.

The program aims to produce graduates who are competent and equipped with appropriate educational techniques and skills to become effective elementary school teachers.

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The BTLED program is undergraduate teacher education program that equips learners with adequate and relevant competencies in the area of Technology and Livelihood Education, particularly for the TLE exploratory courses from grade 4-8.

It aims to develop highly competent and motivated teachers in Technology and Livelihood
education for grades 4-8, and also to develop skills in management and entrepreneurship that meet the demands of the real world. Train under our programs supported by our extensive linkages and connections.

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Physical Education as defined;
- an integral part of education process, is a field of endeavor which has aims of developing physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities which have been selected with a view to realizing these outcomes. (Charles Bucher)

- an education through physical activities for the development of total personality of the child to its fullness and perfection in body, mind and spirit. (Central Advisory Board of Physical Education and Recreation)

These are the exact goal of BPED Program, consequently its aims to equip its graduates towards the optimum development of the complete learning domains through inviolable foundation of disciplinary knowledge, well-built variety of skills in multitude settings, unfaltering reflective mindset that procures insights towards its profession through in-depth study of pedagogy that draws up the engagement of its student- teachers for tomorrow’s educational system diversity and these will all wrap them up into well-bred ;

a. Physical Education Teacher in Basic Education
b. Dance and Sports Club Moderators
c. School-based Sports Program and Event Coordinator/Moderator

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The BECEd program is designed to prepare students for teaching and supporting young children’s development. A broad range of employment opportunities are available by fulfilling the degree requirements. Completion of the appropriate program will qualify graduates for employment in government or private institutions.

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